DT 29095

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29095

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs on a fine, sunny day.

A reasonably straightforward puzzle from Giovanni this week, with all of the usual features we get from the Friday master.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the white space betwen the curly brackets {ANSWER}, so don’t double-click or swipe if you don’t want to see them.

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1a           Had meal in bar, fed steak specially cooked (11)
{BREAKFASTED} – Anagram (specially cooked) of BAR FED STEAK.

9a           Not entirely gloomy, this old story? (4)
{MYTH} – Hidden in the clue.

10a         Holiday all wrapped up? (7,4)
{PACKAGE TOUR} – Cryptic definition of an all-inclusive holiday trip.

11a         Article, not English, by excellent Asian (4)
{THAI} – Remove the English from a definite article, then add the letters which look like an alphanumeric description used to describe a first-class prospect.

14a         German city in which large amounts of money will go to mother (7)
{POTSDAM} – An informal word for large amounts of money, followed by a racehorse’s mother, giving us a city in Germany which was the scene of a conference in July 1945 between the heads of the UK, USA and Soviet Union.

16a         Awful row before criminal thug gets knocked into shape (7)
{WROUGHT} – Anagram (awful) of ROW, followed by an anagram (criminal) of THUG.

17a         Supporting flanks of army in attack (5)
{FORAY} – A word for ‘supporting’ (the opposite of ‘against’) followed by the outer letters (flanks) of ArmY.

18a         Work without moving, head hidden (4)
{TILL} – The definition refers to working the soil. Start with a word for ‘without moving’ then remove the first letter.

19a         Endless rubbish produced by day out? (4)
{TRIP} – Remove the final letter (endless) from a word for ‘rubbish’, and you get another word for a day out.

20a         Word to describe key army officer (5)
{MAJOR} – Double definition, the first being a description of a musical key.

22a         Then surprisingly right, a learner brings delight (7)
{ENTHRAL} – Anagram (surprisingly) of THEN, followed by Right, A (from the clue), and Learner.

23a         Young infant, exceptionally neat one (7)
{NEONATE} – Anagram (exceptionally) of NEAT ONE.

24a         Move quickly as one destined to go on board? (4)
{DART} – This verb for ‘move quickly’ can also be a noun for a pointed object thrown at a board divided into numbered segments.

28a         Personal account from Conservative on shelf I repeatedly moved (4,7)
{LIFE HISTORY} – Anagram (moved) of SHELF I I (I repeatedly), followed by another word for a Conservative.

29a         Outcry putting off our reticent person (4)
{CLAM} – Remove (putting off) OUR (from the clue) from another word for ‘outcry’, to get a particularly silent person.

30a         Disorder of some French chaps taking time crossing mountains (11)
{DERANGEMENT} – Put together one of the forms of the partitive article in French, ‘chaps’, and Time, then wrap the result around a generic word for a collection of mountains such as the Alps or the Andes.


2d           Authentic Spanish football team (4)
{REAL} – Double definition, the second being one of the Madrid teams.

3d           Birds, as seen around GB & NI (4)
{AUKS} – AS (from the clue) wrapped around a two-letter acronym for the political entity made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

4d           Early form of cover in garden? (3,4)
{FIG LEAF} – The garden here is the Garden of Eden, and the cover is what Adam and Eve are said to have worn.

5d           Old bob had a meal, becoming replete (4)
{SATE} – The abbreviation for the old item of coinage known as a bob, followed by ‘had a meal’.

6d           Attendant always accommodating queen on railway (7)
{EQUERRY} – A poetical form of a word for ‘always’ wrapped round a two-letter abbreviation for Queen, followed by an abbreviation for railway.

7d           Famous Greek’s past, being involved in wild hen party (11)
{PYTHAGOREAN} – Anagram (wild) of HEN PARTY wrapped around a word meaning ‘past’ or ‘gone’.

8d           & 27 Down Architect of church overlooking river — enter and worship animatedly (11,4)
{CHRISTOPHER WREN} – Start with an abbreviation for CHurch and an abbreviation for River, then add an anagram (animatedly) of ENTER and WORSHIP.

Sir ———– —-
Said, ‘I am going to dine with some men.
If anyone calls
Say I am designing St. Paul’s

12d         Noticed boy — sweet, fatty type? (7,4)
{SPOTTED DICK} – Another word for ‘noticed’ and a boy’s name. Put them together to get a sort of pudding and an enduring source of schoolboy sniggering.

13d         Philosopher anti-ritual, I suspect (11)
{UTILITARIAN} – Anagram (suspect) of ANTI-RITUAL I.

15d         Test after master’s first lesson (5)
{MORAL} – The first letter of Master followed by a test which is not a written one.

16d         As vehicle, continue moving from side to side (5)
{WAGON– Split the answer (3,2) and you could get a phrase meaning ‘continue moving from side to side’.

20d         Rope in the sea, short length being submerged (7)
{MARLINE} – An adjective for ‘in the sea’ with an abbreviation for Length inserted, producing a type of rope which, according to Chambers, is wrapped around a larger rope to protect it from wear.

21d         Understanding about a type of noise (7)
{READING} – Put together the Latin word for ‘about’ or ‘concerning’, A (from the clue), and the noise a bell might make.

25d         Some mother almost seen as a goddess (4)
{HERA} – Hidden in the clue.

26d         Check feature of wine glass (4)
{STEM} – Double definition, the first being to check or halt the flow of something.

27d         See 8 Down

The Quick Crossword pun {CHIN} + {CHILLER} = {CHINCHILLA}

2 Replies to “DT 29095”

  1. Friendly Giovanni . I started well with the first 6 acrosses going straight in. Slowed down a bit but rest proceeded smoothly. Lots of holidays and destinations to visit and food to go with it.
    Thanks to DT and Gio. Time for bed.

  2. Just to keep John company… I steamed through the upper section only to struggle through the rest. No idea why, must have been the heat.
    I liked 11a so that was my favourite.
    Thanks to the Don, and to DT for the review.

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